Key data

Your innovation



1- What is the big problem you are trying to solve with your innovation ?

2- List the detailed steps & technological innovation that will lead to achieve your goal

3- How is it done today ? What are the limits of current practice ?

4- What is new in your approach and why do you think it will be successful ?

5- What will be the major benefits of your innovation ?
What difference will it make & for whom ?

6- What are the risks and the payoff of your innovation ?

7- How much will it cost ?

8- How long will it take, what will be main milestones ?

9- What are the metrics for success ?

10- If you win the Prize, what precise milestones will you have achieved in 12 months ? These need to be both ambitious and realistic

11- How did you hear about the Prize? Please precise (which media, organisation, person…)

Other information