Our vision

The earth is experiencing more and more frequent episodes of heat, floods and extreme droughts.  At the same time, the technological acceleration underway on land, at sea and in space is opening up huge fields of solutions and promising innovations for the planet.

It is now clear that most industrialized nations like France, Germany, the US or China will not meet their targets set in Paris at COP21.

Despite many public statements, these good intentions often do not translate into concrete results. Civil society, especially entrepreneurs, cannot remain motionless in the face of what amounts to fatalism or, worse, a lack of courage. We must create a virtuous ecosystem of innovation for the planet.

Taking their responsibility, many Corsican entrepreneurs have decided to join forces and launch a global award, the World Environmental Prize, to celebrate every year the best technological innovation, in the environmental field: energy, storage, waste, transportation, water, air quality, agriculture, wildfires, construction and new materials ….

World Environment Prize - greentech prize

A unique Prize

Open to team from all over the world

Funded only by Entrepreneurs

One of the largest Prize for Environment in the world : 100.000 Euros

Focused on technological innovations

Impact driven : 50.000 Euros will be given out immediately, 50.000 Euros once the proposed milestones are met

Clear goals

Catalyse, accelerate and celebrate the best technological innovations in the environmental field

Stimulate the technology ecosystem and empower changemakers, in particular the younger generations, around one of the major challenges of the 21st century

Illustrate Corsica’s pioneering status in the field of environment, and put it back into in a leading position in the fight against climate change

Demonstrate that not everything can and should be expected from Government, and that Civil Society can have a major impact



Candidates apply on www.prize.corsica


A short list of candidates is selected and invited to pitching sessions all over europe

MAY - JUNE 2023

The winner is announced during a award ceremony